The path to profit and growth in hospitality

Explore the service model that you will find is the foundation of all successfull hospitality companies



There is a lot of hype around customer satisfaction and customer experience. And they are important for sure - but number one indicator is your Net Promoter Score


The Value equation is the heart of you hospitality business  this is a simple formula that shows you how your customers think about value


Employee satisfaction is great - but think about it. Who would you prefer to serve you?

A satisfied employee or a highly engaged employee? 

Become a skillfull leader

What you will learn here is the basic framework called the Service Profit Chain. It is the thinking that underpins all successfull hospitality businesses.

Executing this concept requires not just management skills   - but excellent leadership.

How to build a dream team

The foundation of success in the hospitality industry is the dream team. Just ask Disney, Ritz Carlton or Starbucks they all know that this is how it works:  

Create a dream team and the rest happens almost all by it self – that is what is feels like at least.

In this course you will learn how to do just that!

"Mike is a unique and inspiring teacher and facilitator. He combines a lifelong hands-on experience in the service industry with a sharp commercial insight in what drives our business and industry, and an emotional intelligent approach to working with people at all levels. "

Christian Lauritzen
Head of Group Learning and Development at ISS A/S

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