Great Team Leaders are crucial to the customer experience

Let me show you why ...

Who is Mike Hohnen

I help good managers become great team leaders. It's a passion of mine. You will understand why once you have hear my story


The Service Profit Chain

Understand the principles of the Service Profit Chain. Having this mindset is the foundation of all the best service organisations.


Team Leader's Toolbox

From team manager to team leader. Practical tools and valuable insights on how to improve your day to day leadership



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"Mike is a unique and inspiring teacher and facilitator. He combines a lifelong hands-on experience in the service industry with a sharp commercial insight in what drives our business and industry, and an emotional intelligent approach to working with people at all levels. "

Christian Lauritzen
Head of Group Learning and Development at ISS A/S

Are You a Team leader?

We find Team Leaders at all levels.

You could be in charge of the shift at your local fastfood or The VP of Operations in a large organisation.

If you are getting the job done with the help of others you are probably also a team leader

Like most team leaders you probably need to juggle two sides to the jobs.

1. The managerial function that is often your core skill

2. The leadership of others  - something you may struggle with.


Are you in charge of Team Leaders?

If so you have probably often faced the dilemma that you have a team leader who is excellent at the management part of their job.

But - the team is suffering.  

If you know your Service Profit Chain you know that this is not going to work in the long run. But you keep postponing doing someting about it...


Great team leaders are the secret of succesfull service organisations

The overall customer experience is the key driver of loyalty.

Your front line employees make or break that experience at every touch point.

It's not about employee satisfaction but about engagement. The superior experience is delivered by the engaged team member.

Engagement is created primarily by the direct supervisor - the team leader.


Is your team future proof?

Firstly that depends on the current 'state' of the team - I.e. how do they feel about woking on this team.

Secondly it depend on the quality of the team leader.

So if we  survey the team we get answers to both... if you get my drift

How to predict team performance

There is some very convincing research that shows exactly what the key drivers of sustainable team success are - fill in the form and i will share them with you. Afterwards you can give the test to your team and see for your self how well you are doing.


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